Challenge from Ryan Webb

Ryan is too humble to post this here himself, but this is important! So I’m re-posting this off of facebook! Ryan is such a talented individual who has contributed greatly to the Pokemon community.

This is Ryan Webb. I am putting out a personal challenge to all current pokemon players that live in Maryland. Here are some of the details to this challenge.


  •  Attend Leonardtown Thursday night league as often as possible. (5:30-8:00pm)
  • Invite any new or old pokemon players to this league. I will give extra points towards promos for new players and also the player that referred them.
  • Put up flyers, mention our league on online boards, etc…any way to bring new players to league.
  • Invite people you know that play pokemon to like SoMD Pokemon TCG on facebook so that they can get all the latest information about the area.

I will be taking part in this challenge as well and also will reward the community in the following ways.

  • Once we reach an average player base of 25+ per week over a month’s time I will run a free to enter tournament with the total prize pool being at least 36 packs (1 box)
  • Also once we reach this level of player base I will pick and develop a player personally into a Pokemon Professor and Future league leader of this location. This is so that I can begin to develop a new league somewhere else in the state. If everyone that loves this game helps develop this league I will help expand our commitment through the entire State. Just imagine having a huge player base and leagues all throughout the state.
  • The final challenge is to see how well this works over the next year. With our goal of having a 100% increase at 2013 Maryland States Championships. To reach this goal the number of players must reach 320

I know that we can do this, I just need everyone’s help. Pokemon players are passionate, it is time to show it!

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