2012 Glen Burnie Pokemon League

Games and StuffWill 2012 be the year of the Glen Burnie Pokemon League?

We had over 150 people preregister for States, and about 25 walk-ins. This town is due for a league. The store owner is ready to provide the space. Can you make it happen?


4 Responses to “2012 Glen Burnie Pokemon League”

  • Alex Hedge:

    Can’t say I would make the drive to go to the league, but he should hold a Battle Road to get more people to come, and announce that there is a league there at the event.

  • I’m happy to see this. I definitely plan to attend. Im hoping to meet some new players and other poketubers!

  • Nate:

    I live in Annapolis – soon to be Severna Park. I’m interested in finding fellow Pokemon enthusiasts for meet-ups, and trades, too. I am also willing for a challenge. I hope someone out there will be a Pokemon friend! No more bragging, either.

    By for noobie-now, Nate

  • Nate:

    HI EVERYONE! Anyone willing to challenge me? I’m pretty good!