Tournament Preregistration Open Thread

Please post in the comments with your opinion. What ideas do you have for tournaments whose expected attendance exceeds the space available for the event? And yes, this is assuming there is not enough time to change the venue. Post ideas.

Some questions to consider:

  1. Should the Tournament Organizer implement a preregistration system or just let people walk-in first-come-first-serve?
  2. Should the Juniors, Seniors, and Masters be treated equally or should certain groups receive preference?
  3. What factors should a preregistration consider? Player’s distance from event venue? Professor status?
  4. How should a preregistration system on the website work?
  5. How much time should preregistration be open? When should it close? 4-week window, 5-day window 2 days before event, 4 days before event, etc.

And yes, I know verifying professor status or distance from event venue is absurd, but this stuff has been brought up by complainers, so I figured I might post it here. We at SoMD Pokemon are not at a loss for ideas, but I figure I should give you folks who were upset about the cap on attendance at MD States a chance to vent. But anyway, go ahead and give your opinions!

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