Preregistration Update Maryland States 2012

Do you liketh themATTENTION MASTERS!
We are approaching a “point of saturation” in the MD States Preregristration, for which there is no more room for Masters players.

What you need to know:

  1. If you have not yet preregistered, and you intend to go to MD States, preregister! (regardless of your age division)
  2. If we reach the “cutoff point” (a predetermined number of preregistered players) and you preregister after we reach that point, you will be sent an email that you are on the Preregistration Waiting List.
  3. Let me make it clear, that anyone who is preregistered before the “cutoff point” is not on the  Preregistration Waiting List! We will let you know when we reach the “cutoff point”.

Given the high number of people who are preregistered right now, I anticipate there will be some no-shows (this is unfortunate, however, it’s just how things tend to go sometimes). If you get put on the  Preregistration Waiting List, and there are no-shows, that is good news for you. If the tournament meets maximum capacity, and few people drop during the first few rounds, that is also good news for you.

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