Card Donations for New Players

As mentioned in a previous post, I plan to hold a special event at Leonardtown Gym some time in the next few months. The plan is to set aside a day specifically for new players to come to the league, who want to learn how to play (we’ll call it “Learn to Play Day” or something like that). The league has a large supply of cards which the League Leaders can use to help new players build decks.

I want you all to know, that I am looking for donations of Modified legal common cards for Leonardtown Gym. So, if you happen to have any commons you don’t plan to sell or trade away, just bring the cards with you, and let us know you’d like to make a donation to the league.

Your donation will be used to help grow Pokémon in the SoMD area!

Certainly any donations of Rares or of Unlimited cards will be accepted, but we are specifically looking for Modified-legal Common/Uncommon cards. Thank you.

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