League Leader Added

Hello, Pokemon players. This is a message from me, the League Leader at Aardvark Gym. I was recently offered a full-time job. This new job will be consuming a significant portion of my time and this has led me to look for some assistants who can fill in for me on Sundays when I can’t be there.

This Sunday, I will be at a work-related meeting and cannot be at League or run the weekly tournament this Sunday (September 27). Therefore, my assistant, Ryan Simmons, will be in charge of the League and tournament this Sunday. He has judged many tournaments with the SoMD PTO and I and he is the 2006 Maryland State Champion. He will be there to help players out with whatever they need and he will be organizing the weekly Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm. Ryan’s in charge- be nice- I’ll be back next week on October 4!

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