Aardvark Gym Championship 2009 Winners

Here are the standings for this event, along with the number of matches each player won

1st- Robbie Price (8)
2nd- Chris Nugent (7)
3rd- Ben Potter (5)
4th- Rick Nodland (3)
5th- Ryan Simmons (3)
6th- Austin Brehm (1.5)
7th- Connor Craft (1.5)
8th- Jeff Henderson (1)

Photos of this event can be found here

It seems that the players had lots of fun, especially those who made it to the top four. The final stage of the tournament, was a three-round round robin, in which the players built 60-card decks from identical pools of cards provided by the tournament organizer. People seem to like this format a lot, so I will most likely run a tournament using this format in the near future.

Stay tuned for info on Aardvark Gym Championship 2010!

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