New Pokémon League Days Confirmed

You asked for it, and we’re bringing it!
The league at Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games is held every Sunday from 12-4pm, with a weekly Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm. You probably already knew that. However, I ran league last Tuesday, and am read to do it again. From now on, league will be held every Tuesday at 5pm. So, the new league schedule for Aardvark Gym is:

Sunday, 12-4pm, Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm.
Tuesday, 5-9pm

Some folks have asked me if there are any fees for participating in the league. I can answer this with- league is always free. Always has been, and always will be. We are a retail league venue: we make plenty of money from people buying cards (and other stuff) at our store. Donations are always welcome (we just had a player come in and give us 6,000 cards) but you do not have to pay to participate in the league. Tournaments may have an entry, but league is free.

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