Lusby CC 2008 Photos Are Up!

Thanks to those who came. Credit goes to Thomas Farey for the Photos.
As usual, if anyone would like to write a tournament report for this site, e-mail the webmaster.

Junior- 6
1st: Dylan A (Scyther/Cherrim)
2nd: Zach H (Lucario)

Senior- 18
1st: Steven Y (Gengar/Dusknoir/Uxie LvX)
2nd: LJ W(T-Tar/Weaville)
3rd: Dean N (Regigigas + Palkia)
4th: Jacob L (Bronzong/Spiritomb/Unown)

Master- 23
1st: Michael P (Regigigas/AMU)
2nd: Kenton A (Togechomp)
3rd: Robbie P (Raichu/Electivire)
4th: Willam W (MimeTrode)

5th: David M (Champ/Regirock)
6th: Dave C ( T-Tar/Weaville)

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