Aardvark Gym Championship 2008 Results

Yesterday I organized an invite-only tournament at Aardvark Gym. It is an annual tournament that I started in 2006. I named it “Aardvark Gym Championship”. It consisted of three stages: an unlimited-constructed tournament, a modified-constructed tournament, and a special format tournament in which players build a sixty card deck out of a limited pool of identical cards provied by the tournament organizer.

I will put up photos tomorrow. Here are the final standings, along with what deck they played in unlimited and modified and then how many matches they won (out of a possible nine). Some players played the same deck for both Unlimited and Modified.

1st: Chris N (Kingdra[LA]) 8
2nd: Rob P (Bellossom/Vileplume[LA]) 6
3rd: Steven V (Gardellade) 5.5
4th: Jacob L (Exeggcutor[RG]/Gardevoir[PK]) (Gardellade) 4
5th: Ryan S (Empoleon/Bronzong) 2.5
6th: Dylan A (Absol/Houndoom[MD]) 2
7th: Sue S (Torterra/Sceptile) 1.5
8th: Tara M (Absol/Houndoom[MD]) (Torterra/Sceptile) .5

Congrats to Chris, who won 6 rounds in a row for the Unlimited-Constructed and Modified-Constructed (he ID’d twice and never lost a match). Congrats to Chris N and Rob P, who have been invited to every AGC since 2006 and just happened to get to the top 2! Also, thanks to Billy Frazier, the winner of the AGC 2006, who helped me judge this event, and was very observant as usual!

This tournament allowed IDs (Intentional Draw). This allowed some matches to end early which allowed the tournament to run smoothly. Of the 30 matches, played, IDs were used 4 times. Only two matches continued after time was up. The length of each round was 25 minutes + 3 turns (once 25 minutes is called, all remaining matches finish the current turn and continue for an additional 3 turns). If you have any opinions on intentional draws or “x minutes + y turns” round length, you can leave a comment; I’d love to hear your input. Discussing tournament formats/styles and other Pokémon-related issues should be much easier once we get a forum set up on this website. I can’t say when, but we will be getting a forum some time soon.

But anyway, I do intend to run the fourth Aardvark Gym Championship in 2009, so look forward to info regarding that, once I have it ready.

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