Legends Awakened and Pokemon at Otakon

I’m back from Otakon. According to early estimates, there were 26,324 people there (not including guests, dealers, staff, or hired contractors used to assist in running the convention). I took pictures. Not too much Pokémon stuff there, but you can believe there was tons of cosplay!

The pictures I have was not everything, as I was there Friday-Saturday, but not Sunday. Also, there were costumes I did not see. There were cosplayers I saw from the registration line, but couldn’t get to (because I was in a line) and some cosplayers just walk too fast to catch up with. There were tons of people there dressed in Pokémon clothes but not wearing a costume. In addition, some costumes are just crap, and don’t deserve to be photographed (if you wear a yellow shirt which you wrote “Pika” on with a permanent marker, you are not cosplaying).

I went as Professor Oak (forgot to take a picture) and was photographed 9 times. It sure is cool to go to conventions like this, where you can walk up to strangers and ask to take photographs with a near zero perecent rejection rate.

While you’re on the photos section of this website, I added some more photos of US National Championship 2008

Legends Awakened comes out August 20. Make sure to buy a box as soon as you can, because this set is turning out to be very popular! Here’s the prerelease attendance:

Total Attendance: 38
Junior: 9
1st- Keith B
2nd- Gabriel M
3rd- Shawn B

Senior: 13
1st- Jacob L
2nd- Zack A
3rd- Phillip M

Master: 16
1st- Billy “Racer X” Frazier
2nd- Emily K
3rd- Eric J

Photos the Prerelease are up! Expect us to have Legends Awakened scans soon!

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