US Nationals 2008 Top Cut

So, Saturday is over. single elimination begins today. I have an unverified claim that Jacob Lejeune and Patrick Miles made it to SE in the Seniors. Good luck to them!
It does not appear that anyone from SoMD made it to SE in the Juniors or Masters (EDIT: Michael Pramawat made it in in the Masters).

What decks did well? I have some (more unverified claims) information on that. Here’s what I have so far:

  • One of the SDs (Secret Decks) was Torterra/Sceptile. There are some in SE.
  • Sausage, another SD, was Scizor/Electrode/Blissey.
  • A few Banette/Blissey made it to SE.
  • 75% of the decks were Gardevoir/Gallade.
  • Only about 5% of the decks there were not archetype decks.
  • Empoleon was very popular. About 15% of the decks there were Empoleon (mostly used in conjunction with Bronzong [MD]). The SD called “Edgar” that a few players have been waving around before Nationals is Empoleon/Bronzong.
  • Last year’s National Champion in the Masters played Eeveelutions+Magmortar this year and made it to SE.

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