Pre-Nats PokéSmash

High Tide Games in California, MD is having a big event coming up. Be there! Join the event on facebook:

Event Name : Pre-Nats PokeSmash!
Registration Time : 11:00am
Start Time : Noon
Entry Fee : $15.00
Location : High Tide Games. 22599 Macarthur Blvd Suite 374, California MD 20619

Attention Trainers! We have one of the most exciting tournaments coming up! The Pre-Nats PokeSmash! This tournament is scheduled the weekend right before Pokemon Nationals. Join us at High Tide Games located in San Souci Plaza in California, Maryland! There is an entire CASE being given away as prize support. There will be TONS of free giveaways including Tins, Dice, Playmats, Sleeves, and more! We will also have joining us to have a Live Stream going on during the entire event. Mike Pramawat and Benjamin “The Great White Hope” Potter will be with us, so make sure you show up!

Prize structure listed below! (structure will change/be redistributed based on attendance for each division). These prizes are for Juniors, Seniors, and Masters!

1st : 24 packs
2nd : 12 packs
3rd/4th : 8 packs
5th-8th : 6 packs


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