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Do a Battle Road- In Leonardtown!

Come to Big Larry’s Comic Book Café for the free Premier Event!

Time: June 6
Be there at 10:00am
Round One starts at 11:00am

Place: Big Larry’s Comic Book Café
22745 Washington Street
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Bring your Modified-Legal decks, your decklists, and a smile on your face!

Unleashed Prerelease Photos

Photos are up!

Junior 1
Senior 4
Master 13
Total 18

Big Larry’s Comic Book Café

As you may have already heard, Aardvark has moved from Lusby to Leonardtown. Larry, the owner, has now chosen a new name for the store. It is now known as Big Larry’s Comic Book Café. for more info
They also have a new phone#: 301-475-1860

Again, it is no longer “Aardvark Returns”; it is now “Big Larry’s Comic Book Café”.