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What is Modified?

In the Modified format (the format for all Pokemon TCG Premier Events), a player may only use cards from Diamond & Pearl and on.

The sets that are legal for DP-on can be found in the set symbols document. (yes there is a typo in there, I know, but the information you need for deck construction is accurate).
60-card deck. Sets from DP and after.

Upcoming Stuff in March 2009

  • MD State Championship- March 20 @9:00AM
    Games Comics and Stuff
    7476 Baltimore Annapolis BLVD
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061

  • First League Session at new league at Comics MD
    March 27
    League starts @12:00pm
    Booster Draft tournament starts @4:00pm (entry fee $15)
    Weekly Modified-Constructed tournament @4:00pm, starting on April 3

    Comics MD
    15901 Indian Head HWY
    Accokeek, MD 20607

  • First League Session at the new Aardvark Location
    April 4
    League starts @12:00pm
    Weekly Modified-Constructed tournament @4:00pm

    Aardvark Returns
    22745 Washington Street
    Leonardtown, MD 20650

Pokémon TCG Set Symbols Document (now more printer friendly!)

A comprehensive list of the Pokemon TCG sets along with the set symbols. A great tool for collectors. “What’s this card from, this thing shaped like a Pokeball on the corner?” “What’s this trapezoid with six circles around it?”
I took the guesswork out of it.
This document now prints across 5 pages. Much more printer-friendly!

New League in Accokeek Confirmed

A new league is coming, at Comics MD in Accokeek. The first League session is Saturday March 27.

We’ll have casual play from 12pm to 4pm and then a weekly tournament at 4pm. The tournament will be a booster draft. We will be using mostly HGSS.

Join us for this inaugural League day! We will be there to give out prizes and help out newcomers.


When: March 27th
League @12-4pm
Booster Draft Tournament @4pm
-Entry fee: $15, each player gets 3 boosters and basic energy to build a 40-card deck.
-Prizes: 1.5 boosters time the number of players. Boosters are distributed regressively to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Aardvark Clarification

I think a clarification is in order. Aardvark’s is still open for business. Aardvark will be open, in Lusby, until March 28. The league sessions are on the 7, 14, 21, and 28 of March.

They expect to have everything moved to Leonardtown on March 31st. The first league session at the new location will be on Sunday, April 4th at 12pm, with the weekly tournament starting at 4pm.

Aardvark’s Moving to Leonardtown

Aardvark is moving to Old Town Leonardtown.

The new address will be:
22745 Washington Street, Leonardtown, MD 20650
Next to the Post Office

The league will be moving as well. Join us for this happy occasion. I will be there to help out, along with our League Leader/TO Ryan Simmons, and our newest League Leader, Ryan Webb.

We will be running casual play from 12-4pm with prizes for everyone and then a weekly tournament at 4pm.

This is a great new location for the league; I hope you will witness us make this league just as successful as it has been in Lusby

There are Prereleases, Battle Roads, and City Championships planned for the future.