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World Players Annoucned

POP has announced the players who have been invited to the World Championship. Congrats to the SoMD players who will be going: Kenneth A, Steven Y, and LJ W.

New Pokémon League Days Confirmed

You asked for it, and we’re bringing it!
The league at Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games is held every Sunday from 12-4pm, with a weekly Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm. You probably already knew that. However, I ran league last Tuesday, and am read to do it again. From now on, league will be held every Tuesday at 5pm. So, the new league schedule for Aardvark Gym is:

Sunday, 12-4pm, Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm.
Tuesday, 5-9pm

Some folks have asked me if there are any fees for participating in the league. I can answer this with- league is always free. Always has been, and always will be. We are a retail league venue: we make plenty of money from people buying cards (and other stuff) at our store. Donations are always welcome (we just had a player come in and give us 6,000 cards) but you do not have to pay to participate in the league. Tournaments may have an entry, but league is free.

Supreme Victors Prerelease

Are you ready? The Prerelease at Aardvark Gym is just around the corner!

  • Location:
    Aardvark’s Videos, Comics, and Games
    300 Clubhouse Drive
    Lusby, MD 20657

  • Time: Sunday, August 9, 2009- Be there at 11:00am. Late players will be given losses for the rounds they missed- no exceptions.
  • Contacts:
    SoMD Pokemon TCG Page-
    Aardvark VCG’s Website-
    Judges- ninetales1234 (HJ)
  • Format: Limited- Sealed Deck
    You’ll be getting boosters from the latest Pokemon TCG set- Supreme Victors. Aardvark’s will provide basic energy, but you are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Tournament Style: Age-Modified Swiss
  • Admission: $25; you get six SV boosters. Each booster has 10 cards.
  • Prizes:
    -Two SV boosters for those who complete the event, in addition to the origninal 6 you get for signing up
    -We may augment the standard prizes depending on attendance. Bottom line: get as many people as you can to come with you, as the more people that show up, the more we can augment the prizes.
  • Make sure you come with:
    -Something to write with (to record your wins/losses)
    -Extra money if you want some food. We sell ice cream, soda, and sandwiches.
    -Damage counters and coins (or dice) for coin-flipping.
  • Additional Info: Don’t forget to be there on time and don’t forget your POP ID#. If you haven’t become a POP member yet, come as early as you can so we can sign you up and give you a POP ID#. Membership is free. Our game room will be closed to all non-Pokemon activities on the day of the Prerelease. If you have any questions about the Prerelease or anything about Aardvark Gym, post in this thread or PM me.