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Glen Burnie CC 2008 Results

Photos of this event are here:
(yes, I am aware the word “Lusby” is on the page; it will be fixed when I clean up the website this week).

Junior-7 (you just needed one more person to have a single elimination round!)

Senior- 13
1st- Steven Y (DuskGar)
2nd- Steven V

Master- 30
1st- Michael P (Regigigas)
2nd- Philip M (Kingdra + AMU)
3rd- Javier S (Machamp)
4th- Luke R (Tyranitar)

Lusby CC 2008 Photos Are Up!

Thanks to those who came. Credit goes to Thomas Farey for the Photos.
As usual, if anyone would like to write a tournament report for this site, e-mail the webmaster.

Junior- 6
1st: Dylan A (Scyther/Cherrim)
2nd: Zach H (Lucario)

Senior- 18
1st: Steven Y (Gengar/Dusknoir/Uxie LvX)
2nd: LJ W(T-Tar/Weaville)
3rd: Dean N (Regigigas + Palkia)
4th: Jacob L (Bronzong/Spiritomb/Unown)

Master- 23
1st: Michael P (Regigigas/AMU)
2nd: Kenton A (Togechomp)
3rd: Robbie P (Raichu/Electivire)
4th: Willam W (MimeTrode)

5th: David M (Champ/Regirock)
6th: Dave C ( T-Tar/Weaville)

SoMD Pokémon TCG Page Contest #1: Rules

Here are the rules for the SoMD Pokémon TCG Page’s first contest! Deadline is December 27th. Prizes are here.

You’re hanging out at a tournament venue and it’s about 15 minutes before the tournament begins. A player approaches you, asking for help building a deck for a tournament. You offer her one of your spare decks, but she insists on only using her own deck composed of her own cards.

She sets a box down on the table in front of you. It contains these cards:

Quantity|Card Name|Set|Set Number
x4 Bebe’s Search
x2 Bill’s Maintenance
x3 Combee SF 31
x3 Crystal Shard
x1 Cubone DS 60
x3 Dark Marowak RR 7
x3 Dark Pupitar N4 38
x3 Dark Pupitar RR 40
x3 Dark Tyranitar N4 11
x3 Dark Tyranitar RR 19
x3 Eevee UF 55
x3 Energy Switch
x3 Flareon SK 8
x2 Full Heal
x3 Geodude N3 44
x1 Graveler Diamond & Pearl Trainer Kit 2
x4 Graveler FO 37
x4 Healing Berry
x1 Horsea DF 31
x2 Horsea DR 33
x3 Hyper Potion
x2 Kingdra AQ 148
x4 Larvitar UF 61
x3 Lucario MT 122
x2 Lucario P8 2
x3 Marowak AQ 54
x1 Mary’s Impulse
x4 Maxie
x4 Miracle Sphere Gamma
x4 Nidoking RG 8
x2 Nidoran (male) AQ 96
x3 Nidoran (male) DF 57
x3 Nidorino BS 37
x1 Nosepass LA 109
x4 Pokémon Breeder Fields
x4 Pokémon Tower
x4 Politoed-ex UF 107
x4 Poliwag BS 59
x4 Poliwag UF 67
x3 Poliwhirl EX 89
x4 Poliwhirl LA 115
x1 Poliwhirl SK 88
x3 Probopass LA 13
x2 Probopass P8 4
x3 Professor Oak’s Visit
x1 Pupitar P1 9
x4 Quagsire SW 60
x4 Remoraid RR 73
x1 Riolu LA 117
x1 Roseanne’s Research
x3 Seadra DR 40
x3 Seadra N1 48
x3 Seadra RR 48
x3 Smeargle UF 48
x3 Team Aqua’s Corphish MA 26
x2 Team Aqua’s Crawdaunt MA 14
x3 Team Aqua’s Crawdaunt MA 2
x1 Tentacool FO 56
x4 Tentacool LM 66
x4 Tentacruel LA 75
x2 Tentacruel SI 10
x3 Town Volunteers
x3 Tyranitar SF 30
x1 Umbreon DS 70
x4 Vespiquen SF 31
x4 Wobbufett PK 70
x2 Wobbufett SK 45
x2 Wooper UF 79
x4 Wynaut DP 42

The player also has an infinite number of basic energy cards.

Build a 60-card deck using the cards provided.
The tournament is Unlimited and swiss with 40-minute rounds.

1. Send me the decklist you come up with. Give the deck a name as well. Send the decklist in an email to with “deck contest” in the subject (this is important, I receive lots of email and this is how I sort ‘em out).
2. On December 27, I will post all the decklists on this site.
3. You will vote on the best decklist, by posting a response. Give the order of your preference. For example, you will write a ‘1’ beside your first choice, a ‘2’ beside your second preference, and so on. You may also post any comments you want on why you prefer one deck over the other.
4. I’ll add up the vote totals, and the one with the best vote totals will receive first and second place prize. You may pick these up at the league, Aardvark Gym in Lusby at your earliest convenience.

Good luck to you all and thank you for participating. Post any questions here.

SoMD Pokémon TCG Page Contest #1

Sorry about the delay.
Before I tell you the rules, here are the prizes for the contest:
10 rare cards:
Wobbuffet [DP]
Manectric [EM]
Slowbro [UF]
Bibarel [DP]
Lickitung [DF]
Delcatty [LM]
Mew [LM]
Wobbuffet [PK]
Noctowl [DP]
Dark Muk [RR]
Over 230 Uncommons and Commons, including:
Seadra and Horsea [LA]
Aipom [LA]
Murkrow [MT]
Buneary [MD]
Pachirisu [MD]
Castform [LA]

Metal Energy x3 (I have toooooo many of these)
Darkness Energy

The rules:
This is a deckbuilding contest. Tomorrow (I mean it this time) I am going to post a list of cards. After looking at the list, you are to compose a 60-card deck using only those cards.

On December 27, those decklists will be posted here. You all will get to vote for the best decklist and the prize goes to the best one. One Spell of the Unown promo card will go to second place. Come back tomorrow, I’ll post the rest of the details.

Next Pokémon TCG Set, and Contest

The name of the Next Pokémon TCG Set is “Platinum”.
Platinum is also the name of the next Pokémon video game, set to be released in the US, on March 22.

Last Sunday I received a generous amount of cards from a loyal Pokémon TCG player. I decided to put these to good use. I will be using some of these cards as prizes for the SoMD Pokémon TCG Page’s first contest! I’ve considered holding fan art contests and fake card contests, but I decided on running a deckbuilding contest. Expect me to post the rules for the contest (and prizes) tomorrow.