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Art Contest Winners

The results are in! Congrats to the winners! Thanks to all who submitted artworks!
Prizes going out soon!

Brett H (1st Place) Nhi Vo (2nd Place) Gregory Stanton (3rd Place)

Art Contest Submissions

Here are the submissions to the art contest. Seven in all. Clicking on the image will take you to the deviantArt page. In no particular order, here they are:

Artist: Brett H
Description: Gyarados
Artist: Gregory Stanton
Description: Oshawott is fishing for a Maryland Blue Krabby at Calvert Cliffs. The fossils in the cliff are layered by generation, with the oldest generations at the bottom and the newest ones at the top. There is also an ancient stone in the water with a message written in Pokemon symbols (SoMD in Unowns).
Artist: Brett H
Description: Magikarp
Artist: Leah H
Description: Eeveelutions
Artist: S. A. M.
Description: Mewtwo invites you to join the fun.
Artist: Nhi Vo
Description: SoMD written in Pokemon Letters. Serperior – S, Solosis – o, Woobat – M, and Alomomola – D.
Artist: Ismael M
Description: Tangela and Basculin

Art Contest Submissions Now Processing

The submissions for the art contest are being judged right now! I know you are all anxious to see what the participants came up with. We will have winners soon!

Art Contest Ends In 2 Days!

The SoMD Pokémon Art Contest ends on Saturday at 11:59pm. Get your submissions in by then!

SoMD Pokémon Art Contest Submissions Open NOW

The art contest is open now. Go ahead and send your artworks in whatever format you like to this email address:

Please do not send any files over 60MB. In addition to the artwork, please include these things in the email:

  1. Artist’s Name -the name you would like to be credited with, this is what we will use when we post the winners and the somdpokemon art archive. If it happened to be a group effort, please list the names of anyone who contributed.
  2. Email Address we can contact you at- so I can ask you for your mailing address if you win.
  3. The Subject- what is in your artwork? If it’s Voldon standing on top of a shiny Armaldo with a Soul Dew in his hand, then just write “Voldon standing on top of a shiny Armaldo with a Soul Dew in his hand” or if it’s just a Charmander, you can just write “Charmander”. The Pokémon universe is very large, and we want to be sure the audience (and judges) know for sure what is being depicted, especially if you’re covering something obscure or not very well-known.

We will continue taking submissions up to September 24th!

Art Contest Opens This Friday!

That’s right my fellow Pokémon lovers! SoMDPokémon starts accepting submissions for the art contest THIS FRIDAY!

Keep your eyes peeled for the email address that we will give you to send your submissions. I want to give a “thank you” to the players that actually came up with the idea to run an art contest. I take no credit for the idea- I am simply implementing it. I have noticed that this contest has gathered quite a bit of attention, so I am counting on this being loads of fun! Artworks will be judged based on an unspecified formula involving being Pleasing to the Eye, Demonstration of Skill, and Originality.

Art Contest Question

A player has brought up a very good question. Is a player allowed to submit more than one artwork for the art contest?

I think we should keep things simple for now and not complicate this contest with too many rules. I’ve tried to keep things as easy and simple. So, the answer is yes, you may submit more than one artwork for the contest. And remember that, after the artworks are submitted, artist names will be withheld from judges, to prevent any kind of bias.

That being said, do not assume that sending a torrent of artworks will help you. However, you are free to submit as many as you like.

SoMD Pokémon Art Contest Rule Clarification

So, someone asked me to provide a rules clarification for the art contest and I thank him for his very relevant question!

So, rule #2 states: Do not submit artworks that are not Pokémon-related. All artworks must contain some Pokémon monster, character, item, game, location, or event. If you have any doubts, ask!

He asked me if he could use art he made of characters he thought of himself. In some circles, this is referred to as “fakemon”. This deviates from the intent of contest, so I changed clarified the rule:

Do not submit artworks that are not Pokémon-related. All artworks must contain some already-existing Pokémon monster, character, item, game, location, or event. If you have any doubts, ask!

Art Contest pushed back two weeks

It looks like the link to the contest page was broken. My apologies. Thanks to Glaceon for pointing this out.

The good news is, the contest is still on, and you have two more weeks to get your stuff ready! We start accepting submissions on September 9th! Contest ends on September 24th.

Here’s the link to the contest page (it has been tested, BTW):

SoMD Pokémon Art Contest

CONTEST CLOSED: Thanks you for your submissions.
Submissions are here.

The long-awaited SoMD Pokémon Art Contest is here! We are looking for Pokémon fans of all types to contribute to SoMD Pokémon with their Pokémon-themed art!

How it works:
1. Make a Pokémon artwork (or choose one you have already created!)

2. We will start accepting submissions on September 9th. Photograph or scan it and send it to the email address which we will provide you with, on September 9th. You will have two weeks to submit artworks.

3. On September 23rd, our team of judges will select winners.

4. All submitted artworks will be featured on this website and will also be posted to the SoMD Pokémon deviantArt page, and the top three will receive:

1st Place
-A copy of the Pokémon Manga “Electric Pikachu Boogaloo” Volume One from 1999
-4 POP 9 Boosters
-1 KFC Stuffed Zubat
-1 Battle Frontier Lanyard
-1 Burger King Pokémon the Movie 2000 Pokémon Power Item

-The website will be redesigned with *your* artwork placed in the top at the home page of the website, at the header, along with the “SoMD Pokemon” title.

2nd Place
-Pikachu-shaped Paper Notepad
-1 Black Meowth Lanyard
-4 POP 9 Boosters
-1 Base Set Mewtwo
-1 Dragon Frontiers Nidoqueen

3rd Place
-4 POP 9 Boosters
-1 Base Set Mewtwo
-1 Dragon Frontiers Nidoqueen

Click here for the rules.