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SoMD Represent! 2011

Congrats to Luke R, Jimmy M, Dean N, Michael P (and everyone else I may have forgotten) who are representing “us” at Worlds!

Michael Pramawat’s World Championship Deck

I don’t want to milk this “a local player got 2nd place at the last World Championship” thing for too long, but, take a look at this!

Michael Pramawat has been given the honor of having his deck put in the 2010 World Championships decks collection:

World Players Annoucned

POP has announced the players who have been invited to the World Championship. Congrats to the SoMD players who will be going: Kenneth A, Steven Y, and LJ W.

Worlds 2009 Info

The number of invites for the World Championships has been released:

Worlds 2008 Reports/Photos?

See that tournament reports section? It’s kind of empty at the moment. Help us fill it up with articles! If you went to the World Championship or the LCQ, tell us about your experience!
For those who have never been to Worlds, it will be sure to be something they can learn from.

Have photos from Worlds/LCQ? We’d love to have some. Just contact the webmaster. Thanks!

Worlds 2008 Progress

Jacob Lejeune is currently 101/118 at the end end of round four.
Current standings are here:

Additional Worlds 2008 Invitee

The World Championship LCQ is over. One player from the SoMD area, Aaron Sanyer, has been invited through the LCQ. He will be joining some other players from the area like Jacob LeJeune, Steven Yun, Michael Pramawat, and Dean Nezam, at the World Championship later today.

Good luck to them. I will give you updates when they are ready. Unitl then, check out the Worlds minisite:

More Invites Will Be Given Out At the Pokémon TCG World Championship LCQ

The Last Chance Qualifier tournament gives Pokémon TCG players one final opportunity to the make the cut to compete in the 2008 Pokémon TCG World Championships. This intense tournament takes place the day before the World Championships, and Pokémon Organized Play has just increased the number of invites that are on the line.

Before this announcement, only the top four players in each division were eligible to receive invitations to compete. Now, the top 16 finishers in the Junior and Senior Divisions and the top eight finishers in the Masters Division will receive invitations to compete in the Pokémon TCG World Championships on Saturday, August 16th.

If you didn’t earn an invitation to compete at Worlds, why not give it one more try at the Last Chance Qualifier tournament? If things go your way, you could find yourself competing against the best players in the world at the 2008 Pokémon TCG World Championships!

Learn more about the Last Chance Qualifier Tournament.

Request for Worlds 2008 Photos

I know that some players from SoMD will be going to the World Championship in Orlando. I will not, but I would like to have photos of the event. That’s where you come in! Were you invited to Worlds? Going to the Last Chance Qualifier or any of the other great events they have in addition to the World Championship? Please take photographs. I would love to add them to the Photos/Videos section. Videos would be nice too.

Speaking of photographs, I received some photographs of US Nationals 2008, which I hope to upload by Thursday. Someone also gave me video, so that will be added to the website as well.

Worlds Participants Confirmed!

Check it out! There are four players from the area going to the 2008 World Championship! Congrats to Jacob LeJeune, Steven Yun, Michael Pramawat, and Dean Nezam.
We will be sure to provide you all with coverage of how they perform. August 16-17th!