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SoMD Pokemon Art Contest Update

I have been asked if the website re-design is still on, regarding the winning result of the SoMD Pokemon Art Contest.

We are still having some technical problems getting a high-resolution scan of the winning entry, but the plans for the re-design are still on!

Pardon the Old Info

I am working on a major facelift to this site by installing a content management system. The long and short of it is I’m going to make it easier to push updates to this site. I’m going to start on it this weekend. Until then, pardon the outdated info. Everything will be fixed. Thanx.

Background Change

You may have noticed the background color is changed. All the graphical issues with this site have been resolved. The backgrounds have been changed to black! There may be a few pages not completely in sync with this change, but I am planning a major change to the software running the website, which should fix that.

Platinum Prerelease and Forum

Thanks to those who came to the Platinum Prerelease in Lusby. We had 49 players (20, 17, and 12 in the Masters, Seniors, and Juniors). Congrats to winners Michael M, Trevor L and Dylan A. photo credit: Sue Sullivan.

I expected to have the SoMD Pokémon Forum up a few days earlier, but some server issues prevented this from happening.

The good news is that we have a functioning forum. We’re still in “beta mode” right now, but things are looking good (I have 12 loyal testers right now who are doing an great job helping me out), so we should be able to open it up to the public shortly.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to join any Pokémon-related internet forums in the past, this may be a good time.

More Platinum Spoilers- Shaymin and a Forum

A taste of what you may ind in boosters from the next Pokémon TCG set: Platinum. Don’t miss out!

The Platinum Prerelease will be in Lusby:
:::Lusby Platinum Prerelease:::
Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games
300 Clubhouse Drive
Lusby, MD 20657
Time: February 1, 2009, 12:00 pm
Now, on to the next news item. I’m going to finally get that forum up we’ve been waiting for. Some stuff got in the way, but I’m going to go ahead and set it up in the next 8 days. I’ve tested it out, so there shouldn’t be any problems.
The forum will be a really nice feature for this website and I’m sure you all have things you want to talk about but haven’t had the chance to do so. The forum may also be a good place for exchange of Pokémon related ideas, like decklists, tournament policy, recent tournaments, or whatever you may be interested in. SoMD Pokémon TCG Forum, up by January 28th. Keep your eyes peeled.

New News System

First things first- you may have noticed that the images on this page may not be visible to you. You have my assurance that this is still the genuine Somd Pokémon TCG Page, in spite of not having the banner at the top right now. I hope to get this fixed in the next 24 hours.

I changed the way news items are posted on the SoMD Pokémon TCG Page.
If you look carefully, you’ll notice that comments can be posted now.
I trust you not to abuse it! Have fun!

Where did the previous news items go?
They are archived here.
One of those news items included a link to the web banners page. I have nowhere to store that page right now so I will be working getting some of the files on this website organized within the next few days. It will be part of a slight change in this site’s layout.