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SoMD Pokémon Art Contest

CONTEST CLOSED: Thanks you for your submissions.
Submissions are here.

The long-awaited SoMD Pokémon Art Contest is here! We are looking for Pokémon fans of all types to contribute to SoMD Pokémon with their Pokémon-themed art!

How it works:
1. Make a Pokémon artwork (or choose one you have already created!)

2. We will start accepting submissions on September 9th. Photograph or scan it and send it to the email address which we will provide you with, on September 9th. You will have two weeks to submit artworks.

3. On September 23rd, our team of judges will select winners.

4. All submitted artworks will be featured on this website and will also be posted to the SoMD Pokémon deviantArt page, and the top three will receive:

1st Place
-A copy of the Pokémon Manga “Electric Pikachu Boogaloo” Volume One from 1999
-4 POP 9 Boosters
-1 KFC Stuffed Zubat
-1 Battle Frontier Lanyard
-1 Burger King Pokémon the Movie 2000 Pokémon Power Item

-The website will be redesigned with *your* artwork placed in the top at the home page of the website, at the header, along with the “SoMD Pokemon” title.

2nd Place
-Pikachu-shaped Paper Notepad
-1 Black Meowth Lanyard
-4 POP 9 Boosters
-1 Base Set Mewtwo
-1 Dragon Frontiers Nidoqueen

3rd Place
-4 POP 9 Boosters
-1 Base Set Mewtwo
-1 Dragon Frontiers Nidoqueen

Click here for the rules.