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The Biggest Tournament in History #1

I appended a number to the title of this post because, no doubt, I may have to write “The Biggest Tournament in History” again in the future, when there’s a tournament bigger than this one.

US National Championship 2005 has 945 participants! Here is the source.

The only tournament that has come anywhere near that was US National Championship 2007 (735 players), followed by US National Chapionship 2006 (513 players). However, there is an unverified claim that 2001 Super Trainer Showdown Qualifier in Gothenburg, Sweden was in fact the third largest tournament in history.

US Nationals 2008 Capacity

This just in: all the seats in the Masters are gone! There were 512 seat for the Masters at the US National Championships. Anyone who didn’t preregister may be turned away.

How great it is, to have a TCG that is so popular; so popular that there are 512 seats available for all the players born before 1993, and they all get taken! Pokémon is not “just a fad”, and it certainly is not “just a children’s game”. Pokémon is here and it’s not goin’ away!

If I can add some perspective to this, there were 533 people total (all age groups) at Nationals in 2006 (313 in +15). In 2007, the total number of participants was 735 (418 in Masters).

I just did some math, and according to the info I have, there are at least 968 people registered for Nationals. This is big!