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Undaunted Prerelease Leonardtown, MD

Time: August 15
Be there at 10:00am
Opening boosters at 11:00am

Place: Big Larry’s Comic Book Café
22745 Washington Street
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Prerelease FAQ here:

Unleashed Prerelease

May 2nd
Registration @10am
Open Boosters @11am

Big Larry’s Comic Book Café
22745 Washington Street
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Entry Fee:
You get 6 Unleashed boosters to build a deck with and those who complete the event receive 2 more.
Basic energy will be provided.
There will be door prizes.

HeartGold SoulSilver Prereleases

Here are the dates for some upcoming Prereleases in the area. Directly from the PokeGym thread:

Friday, February 12 rescheduled due to snow: Midlothian (Battle City Games)
Address: Victorian Square Shopping Center, 11031 Hull Street Rd, Midlothian, 23112 (between Anna’s Pizza and Saigon Gourmet–look for Empoleon in the window!)
Registration time: 5:45 PM—6:30 PM
Give Cary or Daryl a call at (804) 276-7529 to preregister. (Store is CLOSED Mon and Tues!!) We can accommodate a lot, but it’s nice to know how many tables to set up in advance!!

Saturday February 20 rescheduled due to snow: Warrenton (Hobbies, etc)
My friend and colleague PTO Mike Mattingly will be in the house to get you guys your HGSS cards!!
Address: 251 W. Lee Highway, Suite 699 , Warrenton, 20186
Registration time: noon—12:30 PM

Arceus Prerelease

Sunday November 1, 11:00am. Be there for the Arceus Prerelease. What cards await you? to find out!

Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games
300 Clubhouse Dr
Lusby, MD 20657

Supreme Victors Prerelease a Success

Total- 52
Junior- 9
Senior- 16
Master- 26

Congrats to winners Zillah P, Jac L, and Chris N

Supreme Victors Prerelease

Are you ready? The Prerelease at Aardvark Gym is just around the corner!

  • Location:
    Aardvark’s Videos, Comics, and Games
    300 Clubhouse Drive
    Lusby, MD 20657

  • Time: Sunday, August 9, 2009- Be there at 11:00am. Late players will be given losses for the rounds they missed- no exceptions.
  • Contacts:
    SoMD Pokemon TCG Page-
    Aardvark VCG’s Website-
    Judges- ninetales1234 (HJ)
  • Format: Limited- Sealed Deck
    You’ll be getting boosters from the latest Pokemon TCG set- Supreme Victors. Aardvark’s will provide basic energy, but you are encouraged to bring your own.
  • Tournament Style: Age-Modified Swiss
  • Admission: $25; you get six SV boosters. Each booster has 10 cards.
  • Prizes:
    -Two SV boosters for those who complete the event, in addition to the origninal 6 you get for signing up
    -We may augment the standard prizes depending on attendance. Bottom line: get as many people as you can to come with you, as the more people that show up, the more we can augment the prizes.
  • Make sure you come with:
    -Something to write with (to record your wins/losses)
    -Extra money if you want some food. We sell ice cream, soda, and sandwiches.
    -Damage counters and coins (or dice) for coin-flipping.
  • Additional Info: Don’t forget to be there on time and don’t forget your POP ID#. If you haven’t become a POP member yet, come as early as you can so we can sign you up and give you a POP ID#. Membership is free. Our game room will be closed to all non-Pokemon activities on the day of the Prerelease. If you have any questions about the Prerelease or anything about Aardvark Gym, post in this thread or PM me.

Rising Rivals Prerelease- more info

Looks like POP made an error. The Rising Rivals prerelease sleeves do not have Garchomp on them, they look more like this:

Also, here’s a small taste of what you may see at the Rising Rivals prerelease:

Rising Rivals Prerelease Promo

Want to get Garchomp sleeves and a Tropius Prerelease card? Come on over to the Prerelease in Lusby.

Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games
300 Clubhouse Drive
Lusby, MD 20657
410 394 6366
May 17, 2009
Registration begins at 10:00am

Platinum Prerelease and Forum

Thanks to those who came to the Platinum Prerelease in Lusby. We had 49 players (20, 17, and 12 in the Masters, Seniors, and Juniors). Congrats to winners Michael M, Trevor L and Dylan A. photo credit: Sue Sullivan.

I expected to have the SoMD Pokémon Forum up a few days earlier, but some server issues prevented this from happening.

The good news is that we have a functioning forum. We’re still in “beta mode” right now, but things are looking good (I have 12 loyal testers right now who are doing an great job helping me out), so we should be able to open it up to the public shortly.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to join any Pokémon-related internet forums in the past, this may be a good time.

Great Reason To Come To the Platinum Prerelease!

I know I’m gonna want to get my hands on one of these! And you may too- if you come to the Platinum Prerelease this Sunday! Looks great for stall decks. Or perhaps Absol/Ambipom? I wonder if there will be a way to get cards out of the Lost Zone? No matter. This looks like it’s gonna be loads of fun for whoever can get their hands on this!