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Many thanks to our former Comics MD League Leader, Nico, who ran the league at Comics MD for about a year. The League Leader position is now vacant. The Comics MD Gym has room to grow. The League Leader plays a vital role. Will you step up?

We’re looking for somebody who is able to:
-Sign up new players and inform them of the benefits of league and tournaments
-Give out league prizes provided by The Pokémon Company
-Assist players with deckbuilding, give players advice
-Answer questions about Pokémon TCG

Optional Stuff:
-Another great thing would be to have someone who can run weekly tournaments, this is just a plus

Serious applicants, please. If interested, send an email to The Comics MD Gym Pokémon TCG Leauge is at Comics MD in Accokeek, MD. The league runs from 12-4pm on Saturday.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the league is not as big as Leonardtown Gym. However, this league is important; the bigger this league gets, the greater chance there is of running Premier Events there, and that means there will be more Premier Events available to Southern Maryland players (Prereleases, City Championships, Battle Roads). The Pokémon TCG is alive and well in SoMD. Can you contribute?

I’ve been involved with Organized Play for over six years. I know this game has a future.

Pokemon TCG for Nonprofit

The webmaster for SoMD Pokemon is giving away over 900 rare Pokemon TCG Cards for nonprofit. This particular one provides musical goods/instruction to at-risk youth in Baltimore.

We can make Pokemon look good through using Pokemon for charity. I’m posting this because I want to see if anyone else thinks this is a good idea and wants to follow suit. Also, I really want to get rid of these cards. I am making no money off of this.

Anyone who wants to follow suit and sell Pokemon cards to donate to registered nonprofits (any nonprofit), reply to this post and you will be recognized.

Also, feel free to kick around ideas for making Pokemon TCG look good.

Card Banned at Professor Cup

The OP team has had a long discussion about Wormadam and the impact that it had on the European Professor Cup. This event has thrived on being a fun, creative tournament, where players feel comfortable using off the wall decks. That’s what makes the event so enjoyable for so many people, POP staff included. Considering the options available in the Professor Cup format this year, we don’t see any reasonable, reliable answer to this deck.

Our great concern is that we’ll see 95% of the players using this deck,
resulting in a terribly uninteresting Professor Cup. That said, Wormadam Sandy Cloak is not permitted for use at the North American Professor Cup.The Professor Cup FAQ will be updated tomorrow with this information, and we’ll look at sending out an email blast about this as well.

Please distribute this information to as many Professors as you can.I
apologize if this causes players to scramble to build new decks with only a
handful of days until the event. We did not make this decision lightly, and we strongly feel that it is for the best.Thank you for your understanding.
-Michael Liesik
Organized Play Coordinator
Pokemon USA, Inc.

We are now open for tournament report submissions! Allow me to add on to the list of things you can do to be a part of the SoMD Pokémon TCG Page:

The Power is Yours!

Episode 12 and 13 of the SoMD Pokémon TCG Podcast are up:

I would like to remind all you loyal Pokémon fans out there, that you can participate in this website. Join the fun! The power is yours! Some great ways to participate:

  • Leave comments on the news items posted on this website.
  • Send an email to if you’d like to have a comment for the SoMD PTCG Podcast that you would like to be read during the show or there’s specific topic you’d like us to talk about. Or even if you disagree with something we say, tell us; we’d love to hear it.
  • Contribute to the SoMD Pokémon TCG Wiki.

The first person to leave a comment in response to this news item will receive a Ho-Oh [SW] from me this Sunday at Aardvark Gym. Make sure you leave your real name so I know who you are.