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GB and Lusby Battle Road Photos

Photos of these events are now on in the Photos/Videos page!

It has been confirmed that Charizard/Charmeleon/Charmander are in the next set, Stormfront, which is just another reason to come to the Prerelease!

Aardvark Gym Championship 2008 Photos

They’re up, in the photos/videos section.

I don’t have a list for the”limited pool of cards” that the top 4 used to build a deck, but here’s a photo of it:

Worlds 2008 Reports/Photos?

See that tournament reports section? It’s kind of empty at the moment. Help us fill it up with articles! If you went to the World Championship or the LCQ, tell us about your experience!
For those who have never been to Worlds, it will be sure to be something they can learn from.

Have photos from Worlds/LCQ? We’d love to have some. Just contact the webmaster. Thanks!

Request for Worlds 2008 Photos

I know that some players from SoMD will be going to the World Championship in Orlando. I will not, but I would like to have photos of the event. That’s where you come in! Were you invited to Worlds? Going to the Last Chance Qualifier or any of the other great events they have in addition to the World Championship? Please take photographs. I would love to add them to the Photos/Videos section. Videos would be nice too.

Speaking of photographs, I received some photographs of US Nationals 2008, which I hope to upload by Thursday. Someone also gave me video, so that will be added to the website as well.

US Nationals 2008 Photos

They are here!
The images are presented in “slide show” format. You don’t have to press a button. The web page will shift from image to image every few seconds (though you have the option to scroll for a specific image if you so choose).

Stay tuned for the latest episode of the SoMDPTCG Podcast. The topic is US Nationals and Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky.

DP and MD Scans

New card scans! Expect the entire set of MD to be posted tomorrow. It seems that the DP scans on this site are not 100% of the set. Expect that to change within the next few days.

I am going to get US Nationals photos up this Sunday. I only have photos from one person, but was hoping to get some more.