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US Nationals Info Is Out!

US Nationals 2009 Results

Here were the attendance numbers for US Nats:
Juniors: 225
Seniors: 283
Masters: 679
Total: 1187

Record-breaking numbers, just like last time, despite the tournament not being held at a convention like the last 5 years.

Congrats to LJ Wenger from St. Leonard, MD, for his placing in the US National Championship. 2nd place out of 283 players
Good luck at the World Championship!

There were also some other SoMD area players who made top 64 or top 32, I will post them here as soon as I can get some confirmation on who they are.

US National Championship 2009- Moved

From POP:

Pokémon is pleased to announce that, due to overwhelming success and growth, the Pokémon TCG U.S. National Championships will be moving to
St. Louis, Missouri!

Events will be held at America’s Center, in the heart of downtown St. Louis, from Friday, June 26th, through Sunday, June 28th, 2009.

* Events taking place during the three days include:
* North American Professor Cup on Friday, June 26th
* The U.S. National Championships on Saturday and Sunday, June 27th & 28th

Side events beginning Friday, June 26th We would like to thank the Origins Game Fair and GAMA for their unwavering support of the Pokémon TCG over the last decade.

Please check back in the coming months for more details, including special room rates that will be available at area hotels.

US Nationals 2008 Photos

They are here!
The images are presented in “slide show” format. You don’t have to press a button. The web page will shift from image to image every few seconds (though you have the option to scroll for a specific image if you so choose).

Stay tuned for the latest episode of the SoMDPTCG Podcast. The topic is US Nationals and Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky.

US Nationals 2008 Capacity

This just in: all the seats in the Masters are gone! There were 512 seat for the Masters at the US National Championships. Anyone who didn’t preregister may be turned away.

How great it is, to have a TCG that is so popular; so popular that there are 512 seats available for all the players born before 1993, and they all get taken! Pokémon is not “just a fad”, and it certainly is not “just a children’s game”. Pokémon is here and it’s not goin’ away!

If I can add some perspective to this, there were 533 people total (all age groups) at Nationals in 2006 (313 in +15). In 2007, the total number of participants was 735 (418 in Masters).

I just did some math, and according to the info I have, there are at least 968 people registered for Nationals. This is big!

US Nationals 2008 Updates

If you are away at US Nationals and you have any details about the event you’d like to share with us, post ‘em here!

I have heard from the St. Louis PTO that there are only 75 seats (out of a maximum 512) available for the Masters. Could this be the biggest Nationals ever? I think so.

What rumors have you heard? Any word on secret decks?