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Challenge from Ryan Webb

Ryan is too humble to post this here himself, but this is important! So I’m re-posting this off of facebook! Ryan is such a talented individual who has contributed greatly to the Pokemon community.

This is Ryan Webb. I am putting out a personal challenge to all current pokemon players that live in Maryland. Here are some of the details to this challenge.


  •  Attend Leonardtown Thursday night league as often as possible. (5:30-8:00pm)
  • Invite any new or old pokemon players to this league. I will give extra points towards promos for new players and also the player that referred them.
  • Put up flyers, mention our league on online boards, etc…any way to bring new players to league.
  • Invite people you know that play pokemon to like SoMD Pokemon TCG on facebook so that they can get all the latest information about the area.

I will be taking part in this challenge as well and also will reward the community in the following ways.

  • Once we reach an average player base of 25+ per week over a month’s time I will run a free to enter tournament with the total prize pool being at least 36 packs (1 box)
  • Also once we reach this level of player base I will pick and develop a player personally into a Pokemon Professor and Future league leader of this location. This is so that I can begin to develop a new league somewhere else in the state. If everyone that loves this game helps develop this league I will help expand our commitment through the entire State. Just imagine having a huge player base and leagues all throughout the state.
  • The final challenge is to see how well this works over the next year. With our goal of having a 100% increase at 2013 Maryland States Championships. To reach this goal the number of players must reach 320

I know that we can do this, I just need everyone’s help. Pokemon players are passionate, it is time to show it!

2012 Glen Burnie Pokemon League

Games and StuffWill 2012 be the year of the Glen Burnie Pokemon League?

We had over 150 people preregister for States, and about 25 walk-ins. This town is due for a league. The store owner is ready to provide the space. Can you make it happen?



Many thanks to our former Comics MD League Leader, Nico, who ran the league at Comics MD for about a year. The League Leader position is now vacant. The Comics MD Gym has room to grow. The League Leader plays a vital role. Will you step up?

We’re looking for somebody who is able to:
-Sign up new players and inform them of the benefits of league and tournaments
-Give out league prizes provided by The Pokémon Company
-Assist players with deckbuilding, give players advice
-Answer questions about Pokémon TCG

Optional Stuff:
-Another great thing would be to have someone who can run weekly tournaments, this is just a plus

Serious applicants, please. If interested, send an email to The Comics MD Gym Pokémon TCG Leauge is at Comics MD in Accokeek, MD. The league runs from 12-4pm on Saturday.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the league is not as big as Leonardtown Gym. However, this league is important; the bigger this league gets, the greater chance there is of running Premier Events there, and that means there will be more Premier Events available to Southern Maryland players (Prereleases, City Championships, Battle Roads). The Pokémon TCG is alive and well in SoMD. Can you contribute?

I’ve been involved with Organized Play for over six years. I know this game has a future.

Card Donations for New Players

As mentioned in a previous post, I plan to hold a special event at Leonardtown Gym some time in the next few months. The plan is to set aside a day specifically for new players to come to the league, who want to learn how to play (we’ll call it “Learn to Play Day” or something like that). The league has a large supply of cards which the League Leaders can use to help new players build decks.

I want you all to know, that I am looking for donations of Modified legal common cards for Leonardtown Gym. So, if you happen to have any commons you don’t plan to sell or trade away, just bring the cards with you, and let us know you’d like to make a donation to the league.

Your donation will be used to help grow Pokémon in the SoMD area!

Certainly any donations of Rares or of Unlimited cards will be accepted, but we are specifically looking for Modified-legal Common/Uncommon cards. Thank you.

Come Get Yo Spiritomb!

The Leonardtown Gym has finally been able to order Spiritomb cards for the next league season. Spiritomb will be available for Pokemon players who play at Leonardtown Gym on Sundays. Supplies will be low, so come and get them before we run out!

Upcoming Stuff in March 2009

  • MD State Championship- March 20 @9:00AM
    Games Comics and Stuff
    7476 Baltimore Annapolis BLVD
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061

  • First League Session at new league at Comics MD
    March 27
    League starts @12:00pm
    Booster Draft tournament starts @4:00pm (entry fee $15)
    Weekly Modified-Constructed tournament @4:00pm, starting on April 3

    Comics MD
    15901 Indian Head HWY
    Accokeek, MD 20607

  • First League Session at the new Aardvark Location
    April 4
    League starts @12:00pm
    Weekly Modified-Constructed tournament @4:00pm

    Aardvark Returns
    22745 Washington Street
    Leonardtown, MD 20650

Aardvark Clarification

I think a clarification is in order. Aardvark’s is still open for business. Aardvark will be open, in Lusby, until March 28. The league sessions are on the 7, 14, 21, and 28 of March.

They expect to have everything moved to Leonardtown on March 31st. The first league session at the new location will be on Sunday, April 4th at 12pm, with the weekly tournament starting at 4pm.

League Continues in SoMD

Reposted from PokeGym:

I got a call from my boss Thursday and it was a shocker. I regret to inform you that effective 9:00pm, August 22rd, 2009, all operations at Aardvark, Videos, Comics, and Games will cease.

The good news: the store will no longer exist, but the Pokémon League will stay intact. Mike and Tara have been the most supportive anyone can be about Pokémon over the years, and that won’t be stopping just because they don’t have a store anymore. They have allowed me to continue running the League at the same place. This facility will continue to be used for Pokémon TCG League every Sunday until we find a new League location in Southern Maryland.

If anyone has said the League is gone, they are mistaken.

It has been a fun 5+ years since the store opened in Sept 2003, and we will miss you. However, if you’re a Pokémon player, you can count on seeing me and your other Pokémon friends at Pokémon League! Pokémon has always been my favorite thing to do, and I’m not going away!

300 Clubhouse Drive
Lusby, MD 20657

League 12-4pm and then a Modified-Constructed swiss-style tournament at 4pm

As soon as the boss told me about Aardvark’s I got in touch with my local Pokémon friends and we will be working together to formulate a game plan, as to what we’re going to do with League, how we’re gonna do it, and what the new League location will be. We’ve got a large network of people to get help from. Stay tuned: we’ve had a Pokémon League in Lusby for over four years and Southern Maryland will continue playing Pokémon for many years to come!
Another thing to note: Mike Mattingly is still a PTO. We are still working together to run Pokemon events. We will be running Prereleases for every set that comes out, and most likely at multiple locations. Battle Roads, Cities, States, we got you covered. Nothing is changing: you all have Premier Events and will all have a place to play in SoMD.

New Pokémon League Days Confirmed

You asked for it, and we’re bringing it!
The league at Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games is held every Sunday from 12-4pm, with a weekly Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm. You probably already knew that. However, I ran league last Tuesday, and am read to do it again. From now on, league will be held every Tuesday at 5pm. So, the new league schedule for Aardvark Gym is:

Sunday, 12-4pm, Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm.
Tuesday, 5-9pm

Some folks have asked me if there are any fees for participating in the league. I can answer this with- league is always free. Always has been, and always will be. We are a retail league venue: we make plenty of money from people buying cards (and other stuff) at our store. Donations are always welcome (we just had a player come in and give us 6,000 cards) but you do not have to pay to participate in the league. Tournaments may have an entry, but league is free.

Electabuzz, Scyther, Hitmonchan Reprints

Three of the most commonly-used BBPs (big basic Pokemon) when Pokemon TCG was new are coming back!

Electabuzz [BS], Hitmonchan [BS], and Scyther [JU] have been printed in the Pokemon TCG set, Galactic’s Conquest.

Check out the new league, Darkness Gym. It has been posted on the leagues section.

I’m sure some of you were waiting for the official announcement, and here it is: the SoMD Pokemon TCG podcast has been suspended indefinitely. I am not going to say I’ll cancel it, because it would be nice to bring it back, but it just wasn’t profitable enough to maintain a weekly podcast. Thank you to all our fans.