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Many thanks to our former Comics MD League Leader, Nico, who ran the league at Comics MD for about a year. The League Leader position is now vacant. The Comics MD Gym has room to grow. The League Leader plays a vital role. Will you step up?

We’re looking for somebody who is able to:
-Sign up new players and inform them of the benefits of league and tournaments
-Give out league prizes provided by The Pokémon Company
-Assist players with deckbuilding, give players advice
-Answer questions about Pokémon TCG

Optional Stuff:
-Another great thing would be to have someone who can run weekly tournaments, this is just a plus

Serious applicants, please. If interested, send an email to The Comics MD Gym Pokémon TCG Leauge is at Comics MD in Accokeek, MD. The league runs from 12-4pm on Saturday.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the league is not as big as Leonardtown Gym. However, this league is important; the bigger this league gets, the greater chance there is of running Premier Events there, and that means there will be more Premier Events available to Southern Maryland players (Prereleases, City Championships, Battle Roads). The Pokémon TCG is alive and well in SoMD. Can you contribute?

I’ve been involved with Organized Play for over six years. I know this game has a future.

League Leader Added

Hello, Pokemon players. This is a message from me, the League Leader at Aardvark Gym. I was recently offered a full-time job. This new job will be consuming a significant portion of my time and this has led me to look for some assistants who can fill in for me on Sundays when I can’t be there.

This Sunday, I will be at a work-related meeting and cannot be at League or run the weekly tournament this Sunday (September 27). Therefore, my assistant, Ryan Simmons, will be in charge of the League and tournament this Sunday. He has judged many tournaments with the SoMD PTO and I and he is the 2006 Maryland State Champion. He will be there to help players out with whatever they need and he will be organizing the weekly Modified-Constructed tournament at 4pm. Ryan’s in charge- be nice- I’ll be back next week on October 4!