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Aardvark Gym Championship 2009 Winners

Here are the standings for this event, along with the number of matches each player won

1st- Robbie Price (8)
2nd- Chris Nugent (7)
3rd- Ben Potter (5)
4th- Rick Nodland (3)
5th- Ryan Simmons (3)
6th- Austin Brehm (1.5)
7th- Connor Craft (1.5)
8th- Jeff Henderson (1)

Photos of this event can be found here

It seems that the players had lots of fun, especially those who made it to the top four. The final stage of the tournament, was a three-round round robin, in which the players built 60-card decks from identical pools of cards provided by the tournament organizer. People seem to like this format a lot, so I will most likely run a tournament using this format in the near future.

Stay tuned for info on Aardvark Gym Championship 2010!

Aardvark Gym Championship Rescheduled

Sorry, guys, but I’m going to have to reschedule the Aardvark Gym Championship to to 1:00pm (it was originally 3:30pm).
Those of you who were invited and intend to play, show up to Aardvark’s at 1:00pm on August 30th.

I wish I didn’t have to change this so soon, but this is unavoidable. My apologies.

Aardvark Gym Championship Invited Players (all 8 of them)

The post containing the list of all invited players and backups is here:

It was updated with the 8th person, but just a reminder, as to who has been invited. Here’s the list:
Jorge Suarez
Rob Price
Ryan Simmons
Ben Potter
Antonio Pannone
Rick Nodland
Jeff Henderson
Zillah Peters

(if any person on the list does not show up, his/her invite will be passed down to the next person on the list)

Aardvark Gym Championship 2009 Prizes/Format

Prizes for those who playing in the Aardvark Gym Championship
1st Place
• Pokemon TCG Kyogre tin
• Pokemon TCG World Championships 2007 Hat
• 100 Common/Uncommon cards
• Pokemon Battle Frontier Binder with 18 Rare cards
• 1 Entei Wizards of the Coast Promo card
• An invite to the next Aardvark Gym Championship

2nd Place
• Pokemon Professor Cup 2006 deck box
• 18 Rare cards
• 100 Common/Uncommon cards
• 1 Entei Wizards of the Coast Promo card
• 1 Ancient Mew card

3rd Place
• 4 Professor Oak’s Visit with the Pokemon Professor stamp
• 2 random Rare cards
• A set of Electivire card sleeves

4th Place
• 1 Entei Wizards of the Coast Promo card
• 2 random Rare cards

5th Place
• 1 Entei Wizards of the Coast Promo card
• POP 9 booster

6th Place
• 1 Entei Wizards of the Coast Promo card
• POP 9 booster

7th Place
• POP 9 booster

8th Place
• POP 9 booster

The tournament will be held in 3 stages:
Aardvark Gym Championship: Stage One:
The first stage is a swiss-style Modified-Constructed tournament.

Aardvark Gym Championship: Stage Two:
The first stage is a swiss-style Unlimited-Constructed tournament.

The 4 players with the highest combined scores for stage one and stage two will be allowed to move on to stage three.

Aardvark Gym Championship: Stage Three:
Four players will be given 15 minutes to build a 60-card deck from a pool of cards provided by the Tournament Organizer. They’ll play 3 Round Robin rounds.

Each of the stages is a separate tournament that will not be sanctioned. The player who has the most points at the end of the match wins the tournament. (win = 1, draw =.5, loss = 0)

Aardvark Gym Championship 2009 Invited Players

Aardvark Gym Championship 2009

The players whose names are in red have won the most sanctioned tournament matches (between May 24 and August 8) and have been invited to the invite-only tournament (Aardvark Gym Championship) on August 30, 2009 at 3:30pm. Any players who do not attend will have their invite passed down to the next eligible person.

16- Jorge Suarez

16- Rob Price

15- Ryan Simmons

13- Ben Potter

12- Antonio Pannone

10- Rick Nodland

9- LJ W

9- Chris N

9- Louis P

8- Dylan A

7- Zillah P

7- Nicholas S

6- Jeff H

6- Jac L

6- Mike M

5- Sue S

5- Michael P

5- Austin B

4- Connor C

3- Nicholas K

2- Jason H

2- Zack S

2- Alex F

2- Zach B

2- Joe N

2- Brian F

2- Daniel O

2- Nicholas D

2- Nathan B

1- Nicholas F

1- Brandon S

1- Noah B

1- Austin B

1- Thomas H

2- Tyler H

1- Braden B

0- Adam N

0- Cole C

This is a list of the number of sanctioned tournaments each player has played in. The one player who has played in the most tournaments has been invited.

[7- Rick N

6- Ben P

6- Ryan S

5- Jorge S

5- Antonio P

4- Rob P] These players have already been invited. Their invite passes down to the next eligible person.

4- Jeff H

4- Austin B

3- Dylan A

3- Sue S

3- Zillah P

3- Jacob L

3- Louis P

3- Connor C

3- LJ W

3- Chris N

3- Thomas H

3- Nicholas S

2- Mike M

2- Austin B

2- Adam N

2- Nicholas D

2- Tyler H

1- Braden B

1- Cole C

1- Zach B

1- Daniel O

1- Alex F

1- Brian F

1- Nicholas F

1- Nathan B

1- Brandon S

1- Noah B

1- Zach S

1- Joe N

1- Jason H

1- Nicholas K


We voted on the eighth player:

Zillah Peters

Adam N

Summer M

Any invited players who do not intend to participate in the tournament, please let me know.

Aardvark Gym Championship 2009

If you don’t already know, I’m the League Leader for Aardvark Gym (at Aardvark Videos, Comics, and Games). In the past three years, I have held a tournament for Aardvark Gym players that I called the “Aardvark Gym Championship”. It is a free tournament that is kind of a way to thank my loyal players and watch the league’s best players face each other in epic battles. Well, it’s time for the fourth one: Aardvark Gym Championship 2009. All the info is on the forum. The long and short of it is: It’s an invite-only tournament. 8 players will be invited. We’re inviting:

  • The six players who win the the most touranment matches between May and August.
  • The one player who participates in the most tournaments.
  • We get to vote on the eighth player.

It will be held at Aardvark Gym on August 31st, 2009 at 3:30pm. It is free and there will be prizes.

Aardvark Gym Championship 2008 Photos

They’re up, in the photos/videos section.

I don’t have a list for the”limited pool of cards” that the top 4 used to build a deck, but here’s a photo of it:

Aardvark Gym Championship 2008 Results

Yesterday I organized an invite-only tournament at Aardvark Gym. It is an annual tournament that I started in 2006. I named it “Aardvark Gym Championship”. It consisted of three stages: an unlimited-constructed tournament, a modified-constructed tournament, and a special format tournament in which players build a sixty card deck out of a limited pool of identical cards provied by the tournament organizer.

I will put up photos tomorrow. Here are the final standings, along with what deck they played in unlimited and modified and then how many matches they won (out of a possible nine). Some players played the same deck for both Unlimited and Modified.

1st: Chris N (Kingdra[LA]) 8
2nd: Rob P (Bellossom/Vileplume[LA]) 6
3rd: Steven V (Gardellade) 5.5
4th: Jacob L (Exeggcutor[RG]/Gardevoir[PK]) (Gardellade) 4
5th: Ryan S (Empoleon/Bronzong) 2.5
6th: Dylan A (Absol/Houndoom[MD]) 2
7th: Sue S (Torterra/Sceptile) 1.5
8th: Tara M (Absol/Houndoom[MD]) (Torterra/Sceptile) .5

Congrats to Chris, who won 6 rounds in a row for the Unlimited-Constructed and Modified-Constructed (he ID’d twice and never lost a match). Congrats to Chris N and Rob P, who have been invited to every AGC since 2006 and just happened to get to the top 2! Also, thanks to Billy Frazier, the winner of the AGC 2006, who helped me judge this event, and was very observant as usual!

This tournament allowed IDs (Intentional Draw). This allowed some matches to end early which allowed the tournament to run smoothly. Of the 30 matches, played, IDs were used 4 times. Only two matches continued after time was up. The length of each round was 25 minutes + 3 turns (once 25 minutes is called, all remaining matches finish the current turn and continue for an additional 3 turns). If you have any opinions on intentional draws or “x minutes + y turns” round length, you can leave a comment; I’d love to hear your input. Discussing tournament formats/styles and other Pokémon-related issues should be much easier once we get a forum set up on this website. I can’t say when, but we will be getting a forum some time soon.

But anyway, I do intend to run the fourth Aardvark Gym Championship in 2009, so look forward to info regarding that, once I have it ready.