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SoMD Pokémon TCG Forum: Online

It’s ready! Go ahead! Register for the forum!

There are already some topics up there! Of course, you are free to start your own threads. Got something you want to talk about, but never have the chance to? Well, here’s your chance!

Let me know if you have any trouble registering.

Thanks to twdorris, Pikamaster, Gatling Needle, Rogue Archetype, drmario, Octillery49, Charchar, ixidor89, cazihill, TimeSkip, Mattimi, and lejeune for volunteering to test the “beta version” of the forum.

Confirmed: the SoMD Pokémon TCG Forum

You may have heard that we had plans in the making for a internet forum on this site. Well the plan is now reality. A small group of testers and I have been tuning the forum a little, and we feel that it’s just about ready for the public. So, on Wednesday, February 11, the forum will go public.

Anyone may register. Know of an upcoming event? Have a deck that needs something extra? Want to discuss tournament policy? Want to post your haves/wants list in the trade forum? Have an idea you’d like to share? Want to get in contact with Pokémon VIPs from the area? Need help with your Video Game/TFG team? Come seize the opportunity!

So, come back Wednesday, and register for the forum at your earliest convenience.

Platinum Prerelease and Forum

Thanks to those who came to the Platinum Prerelease in Lusby. We had 49 players (20, 17, and 12 in the Masters, Seniors, and Juniors). Congrats to winners Michael M, Trevor L and Dylan A. photo credit: Sue Sullivan.

I expected to have the SoMD Pokémon Forum up a few days earlier, but some server issues prevented this from happening.

The good news is that we have a functioning forum. We’re still in “beta mode” right now, but things are looking good (I have 12 loyal testers right now who are doing an great job helping me out), so we should be able to open it up to the public shortly.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to join any Pokémon-related internet forums in the past, this may be a good time.

Downtime and To-do List

There was a little downtime yesterday. We were changing the servers for this site from Windows to Linux.

Just in case anyone is interested, here’s the current to-do list for the site:
-Fix broken links (it seems that last time I did this a few weeks back, I skipped over a few)
-Add a fan art page. A page for Pokémon fans to submit Pokémon fan art. I plan on starting it off with a fan art contest. I hope to get to this once I finish the…
-SoMD Pokémon internet forum. I tested the forum system I intended to use on a test server and it was fully functional. However, now there are some bugs to work out. I’ll let you know when they’re fixed.