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Leonardtown Battle Road Spring 2012

Big Larry’s Comic Book Café
22745 Washington St.
Leonardtown, MD 20650

When: Saturday, June 9th
Registration- 9:00-10:00am

Entry Fee: Free

NoVa Battle Roads Spring 2012

Right here!

Challenge from Ryan Webb

Ryan is too humble to post this here himself, but this is important! So I’m re-posting this off of facebook! Ryan is such a talented individual who has contributed greatly to the Pokemon community.

This is Ryan Webb. I am putting out a personal challenge to all current pokemon players that live in Maryland. Here are some of the details to this challenge.


  •  Attend Leonardtown Thursday night league as often as possible. (5:30-8:00pm)
  • Invite any new or old pokemon players to this league. I will give extra points towards promos for new players and also the player that referred them.
  • Put up flyers, mention our league on online boards, etc…any way to bring new players to league.
  • Invite people you know that play pokemon to like SoMD Pokemon TCG on facebook so that they can get all the latest information about the area.

I will be taking part in this challenge as well and also will reward the community in the following ways.

  • Once we reach an average player base of 25+ per week over a month’s time I will run a free to enter tournament with the total prize pool being at least 36 packs (1 box)
  • Also once we reach this level of player base I will pick and develop a player personally into a Pokemon Professor and Future league leader of this location. This is so that I can begin to develop a new league somewhere else in the state. If everyone that loves this game helps develop this league I will help expand our commitment through the entire State. Just imagine having a huge player base and leagues all throughout the state.
  • The final challenge is to see how well this works over the next year. With our goal of having a 100% increase at 2013 Maryland States Championships. To reach this goal the number of players must reach 320

I know that we can do this, I just need everyone’s help. Pokemon players are passionate, it is time to show it!

Dark Explorers Prerelease Leonardtown!

Come on over to the Prerelease!

May 5th, 2012, 11:00am
Open boosters at 12:00am

Big Larry’s Comic Book Café
22745 Washington St.
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Entry Fee:
You get six boosters to build a 40-card deck.
You get two more when the event is over!

2012 Glen Burnie Pokemon League

Games and StuffWill 2012 be the year of the Glen Burnie Pokemon League?

We had over 150 people preregister for States, and about 25 walk-ins. This town is due for a league. The store owner is ready to provide the space. Can you make it happen?

Tournament Preregistration Open Thread

Please post in the comments with your opinion. What ideas do you have for tournaments whose expected attendance exceeds the space available for the event? And yes, this is assuming there is not enough time to change the venue. Post ideas.

Some questions to consider:

  1. Should the Tournament Organizer implement a preregistration system or just let people walk-in first-come-first-serve?
  2. Should the Juniors, Seniors, and Masters be treated equally or should certain groups receive preference?
  3. What factors should a preregistration consider? Player’s distance from event venue? Professor status?
  4. How should a preregistration system on the website work?
  5. How much time should preregistration be open? When should it close? 4-week window, 5-day window 2 days before event, 4 days before event, etc.

And yes, I know verifying professor status or distance from event venue is absurd, but this stuff has been brought up by complainers, so I figured I might post it here. We at SoMD Pokemon are not at a loss for ideas, but I figure I should give you folks who were upset about the cap on attendance at MD States a chance to vent. But anyway, go ahead and give your opinions!

Masters Waiting List Maryland States 2012

We, the tournament staff, had a predetermined set of numbers for guiding our decisions regarding preregistration.

The preregistration numbers have exceeded the point beyond which preregistered Masters are guaranteed admission to the event.

Please do not let this stop you from going to the preregistration page. You will be added to a waiting list. In the (likely) event that a few of the currently preregistered Masters are no-shows (they are not present by 9:30am), the “waiting list Masters” who are present by 9:30am will be given seats at the event (in the order they signed up on the website). Waiting list Masters may also be given seats if the total number of players present at 10am is less than our  predetermined maximum total number of participants.

All the Masters who have preregistered after March 19, 3:30pm, will be sent emails informing them they are on the waiting list.

If you are on the waiting list, it is up to you what you do- but if you show up, you might get in.

Preregistration Update Maryland States 2012

Do you liketh themATTENTION MASTERS!
We are approaching a “point of saturation” in the MD States Preregristration, for which there is no more room for Masters players.

What you need to know:

  1. If you have not yet preregistered, and you intend to go to MD States, preregister! (regardless of your age division)
  2. If we reach the “cutoff point” (a predetermined number of preregistered players) and you preregister after we reach that point, you will be sent an email that you are on the Preregistration Waiting List.
  3. Let me make it clear, that anyone who is preregistered before the “cutoff point” is not on the  Preregistration Waiting List! We will let you know when we reach the “cutoff point”.

Given the high number of people who are preregistered right now, I anticipate there will be some no-shows (this is unfortunate, however, it’s just how things tend to go sometimes). If you get put on the  Preregistration Waiting List, and there are no-shows, that is good news for you. If the tournament meets maximum capacity, and few people drop during the first few rounds, that is also good news for you.

Preregistration 2012 Maryland State Championships

RIGHT NOW! Preregistration is open until March 22nd, 11:59pm.

Go to the Preregistration page! Those who preregister will get priority seating at MD States 2012.

Those who preregister but are no-shows may have their preregistration privileges revoked.

VA State Championship 2012

When: March 10, 2012
Registration is 9-10am

Holiday Inn Richmond Airport
1445 International Center Dr
Sandston, Virginia 23150